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Jonathan Lim

Team Food Ninjas

Jonathan Lim

















"Handle it!"

Team: Food Ninjas

Favorite food/texture: Sizzling

Last Meal on Earth: Ohno Kaukswe (Burmese Coconut Noodle Soup)

About Me: Growing up on rice, chinese sausage, and fish sauce, I developed my love of food from an eclectic array of cuisine. This unique palette was honed further through my days in our family owned Chinese restaurant, Lim's Cuisine.  Since these experiences, it has become my personal mission to sample as many restaurants and cuisines as possible. I am a self proclaimed "food ninja" who seeks to discover the best eats of the east and I'll battle my way through all five boroughs to do so.  My goal, to share my culinary adventures with the world and inspire a whole generation of food ninjas to uncover the best of the best in their hoods.

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