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About Food-Battle.com

Where east meets west in food challenges

Los Angeles and New York – two cities flourishing with art, fashion, culture, music, and food. It’s nearly impossible to decide which city reigns supreme in each of these arenas.


4 friends will come together to settle the food battle once and for all.


Does the beautiful weather and laid back lifestyle of LA create the greatest cuisine? Or does NYC, the hustling and bustling concrete jungle that never sleeps, churn out the greatest eats?

On one corner of the country, we have Team Food Ninjas from NY, a city known for its Michelin stars, celebrity chefs, and legendary eateries. On the other corner we have Team Food Fighters from LA, a city teeming with ethnic cuisines, diverse neighborhoods, and an environment that fosters and rewards culinary experimentation.

How will it work you ask? There will be monthly battles of a chosen dish. The two teams will alternate in selecting the battle dish. It is each team’s responsibility to find and eat the best representation of that dish from their respective locations and then review it on this site. When eating at their chosen restaurants, they will have a choice to use a secret weapon dubbed the “wildcard” item that they can consume and review on the site to help sway the reader to vote for their team’s entry.

The winning team will be chosen by you, the readers, in the form of Facebook 'Likes'. The team with the most likes in one week will be the crowned the winner for that battle and achieve worldwide fame and veneration for their city.

Let the battle begin!


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  1. Ty Lim says:

    I stumbled across your site on twitter. We're working on building a gamified foodie community around the battle concept so would to connect and talk if you are up for it.


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